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The key factor for our survival & growth is prompt, tailor-made services with least hassles. The reason why you come to us is direct and easy access and individual attention You do not necessarily have a high income- But have adequate net worth – are honest and sincere.

Leasing (short term and longterm)

LEASE a transaction in which a party owning the asset provides the asset for use over a certain period of time to another for consideration either in form of periodic rent and/or in the form of periodic rent and/or in form of down payment.

Lease may also be defined as a contract between two parties for the hire of a specific asset wherein the lessor retains ownership of the asset while the lessee has possession and use of the asset on payment of specified rentals over a period of time. Leasing is suitable for financing most investments in productive equipment and is available to a broad range of business and other organizations, such as hospitals, educational institutions, associations and government agencies.

Hire Purchase

The Hire-purchase is a Hire-purchase as a type of installment credit under which the hire-purchaser(hirer) agrees to take the goods on hire at a stated rental with an option to purchase.


The company provides financial assistance in the form of LOANS (secured and unsecured) to bodies corporate. Regulated based on policy of non-charging of excessive interest rate.


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